3 Underrated Yet Effective Print Marketing Tools

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Do you own a business, which has a strong online presence but may not be using enough print marketing tools to advertise the company? You probably have a great website, sending regular mailers (no spam, of course!), using a blog to write about different essentials and participating in some industry forums too, basically doing everything except the most necessary one.

The question that confronts many people like you that does print marketing still have any value? Undeniably, yes! A good print marketing is the groundwork for every great marketing campaign. Businesses utilize banners, brochures, newsletters, flyers and stickers normally for brand recognition. However, there are some underrated yet effective print marketing tools such as notepads, coasters and printed packaging tape that are really useful, if given a proper thought around how to use them in a business’s marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about these 3 underrated yet effective print marketing tools that can help you create a long-lasting effect in the minds of people regarding your brand:

Notepads –

Notepads are a great asset to have around in homes, offices and on-the-go especially while communicating through phones. You can recall the number of times that you needed a piece of paper to jot down some information given by the caller, and you could not find it. Notepads kept within easy reach is the answer to these uneasy moments when you want to write down something. That makes notepads a good form of marketing because of its immense utility. You can distribute the customized notepads to your employees, partners and customers for their use and to promote your brand conveniently.

Some of the most commonly printed things on these papers are your company logo, company name and a business slogan. If space permits, you can also add your contact details. The standard paper choices are 70 lb. white paper, which is a high-grade, well-designed stationery paper with a white wove appearance. The custom placements for notepad printing & finishing options are 3/16″, 1/4″ or 5/16″ hole. You can also opt for hardcopy proof, if you are looking for exact color matching.

Coasters –

Coasters are one of the most effective and competent tools for marketing. Using them as a marketing vehicle has already been accepted worldwide and customized coasters are one of the best ways to reach out to your audience and stick your company’s name in their memory for a long time. Coasters are very useful items of everyday use and their widespread use in any set-up including home, offices, and institutions make them visible. Therefore, printing coasters with company details and giving away to diverse people/ institutions is a prudent way to gain visibility in market.

The common paper choices in terms of paper are either 120 lb. textured ultra-white or 100 lb. light brown craft. You can also use an amalgamation of outside paper or inside core paper as it form the final coaster thickness. You can print on either sides of the coaster and add a pop of color too by selecting a solid core color that goes with your branding.

Printed Packing Tape –

You use tape in your daily life for various purposes like packaging, measuring and even for barricading. Printed packing tape can be easily seen on the packed cartoons in a large scale in various industries around the world. Printed tape is a necessity for every business based on the needs.

There are two types of printed tapes i.e. printed adhesive tape and customized printed adhesive tape. The standard tapes carry a wide range of messages; however, customized ones are a bit more informative in terms of their use as it contains the company’s name and logo. They are widely pasted all over the box which leads to substantial advertisement of the product. It is a bit more expensive than standard tapes but can cost low if ordered in bulk quantity from a good vendor. They are made up of different materials and also come with different designs. Options are also available in terms of style and placement of your company’s name and logo.

In a nutshell, underrated print marketing tools like notepads, coasters and printed packing tape will not only help you create an everlasting memory of your company in audience’s mind but also let them search for your services online, in case they are looking for similar services as your brand offers.