3 useful points for creating appealing custom stickers!

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Die-cut stickers or custom stickers are always more appealing than the regular shaped stickers. By using creative die-cut design concepts, you can promote your brand and message effectively. Often, companies find it difficult to design and print custom stickers. Custom stickers needs some extra efforts and budget but have great value and can prove to be most effective and successful marketing campaigns. Here are some useful points for creating custom stickers.

  • Figure out concept for your sticker

Put enough thought in developing custom sticker concept. You are planning for die-cut options. You may relate your sticker shape to your logo or products or message. Your die-cut sticker campaign must be focused to specific purpose. You are focusing on just branding or promoting any special service, product or event. You should develop your concept according to your usages and then only you can chose right shape and size for your sticker.

  • Coloring for your sticker

You may use complementary color to make your sticker more vibrant and attractive. You may try pairing colors and can check which color combinations makes your design stand out. Coloring should be opted after observing background color of area where you want to place your stickers.  Else, you may also go for contrasting color in itself so that background color does not have much effect on visibility of your die-cut sticker.

  • Print a sample copy and order in bulk

It is also advised to print a sample copy to see whether your die-cut layout is desired or not. You can also check colors. Printing a sample copy prior to final production will ensure you that your stickers are as good as you desired. Finally to achieve optimum pricing, you should order in bulk. Ordering in bulk is always a wise decision in printing marketing materials.