5 Creative Uses of Bookmark Marketing

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There’s plenty of craze around digital marketing but the truth is that print marketing isn’t dead yet. If you have purchased books online, you’d know how creative people are getting. The online sellers don’t just send you a book but a personalized bookmark promoting their services. So, it’s not just practical for the buyer but also for the company as they get another chance at helping the customer remember the service.

Bookmark printing and marketing has been around for a long time even when there were no online sellers. However, since the times are evolving, here are some creative uses you should apply bookmark marketing to make more sales:

1- Promote your bookmark and you with a local reading club

It’s basic that people use bookmarks for bookmarking so where do you go when you want to meet people who read? You join a reading club.

The reading club is full of enthusiasts who love reading and talking about books. So, by going to a reading club, you are doing your company and marketing plan a huge favor. You can check about the local literary and reading clubs and connect with the administrators or the first-in-command to setup a meeting.

This is part of the distribution strategy so make sure that you carry sufficient bookmarks. Supply them stacks of the bookmarks and make your bookmarks super creative and relatable. If you don’t, the members may find them boring and misplace them. Make the most impact with beautiful, modern or classic visuals and spot-on, relatable quotes.

2- Get them selling at fundraisers and community events

Don’t worry about spending too much time in this activity because local marketing will help you get the best leads. After your customized bookmark printing, connect with the head of the local community events in your area or just get in touch with the fundraiser managers. Staple a lollipop or just a cute candy to your bookmarks and start selling them out for a dollar or two.

Selling them with candy will surely get your the attention you have been keen on garnering.

3. Try invitations

You can start sending out invitations made out of your bookmark. This is a pretty effective way of garnering a positive response with Bookmark Marketing but make sure that they are foldable and readable. You will have to hire a professional to design them in such a manner that the design is visible right outside, on the front and top when you fold them into beautiful invitations.

4. Commemorate with bookmarks

Another creative way of using bookmarks is by using custom bookmark printing for commemorating memorials or major events. This would help you contribute to the community in a positive way and also garner the attention you need to make your sales and marketing campaign a success.

5. Add them on to anything!
Some people will tell you to customize the wrapping of your gifts wholly to suit your marketing campaign best. But you can skip that part and just attach a bookmark to all of your gift to best promote your campaign.

However, you will have to make sure that you don’t end up using too many monotonous designs. And, if you get too creative, you risk the consistency of your brand image. In both cases, it’s best to hire a professional bookmark design company. You can order bookmark online and see the catalogues and choose from a large design variety.

Bonus tips:

Since bookmark printing and marketing is not exactly primary to any sales and marketing campaign, you need to make sure that their design aligns with your campaign’s visuals.

Avoid using boring visuals as most people will forget about them. If you just consider buyer perspective and choose a design that will wow them, you stand a good chance of earning their attention and making an impression.

Summing up

There are multiple wonderful and creative ways of using bookmarks for the purpose of marketing. But you need to ensure that you keep the visual style of your target audience in mind. Moreover, use catchy text that’s relatable and resonates with them on an emotional purpose.

Don’t forget to use interesting and vibrant colors.