5 Reasons why a Business Card is still effective!

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Technology has changed the way we used to handle our business operations, networking and marketing.  We may consider social networking sites or mobile apps more handy and easy to share contact information for business networking. But does it mean business cards have lost its effects in businesses? No, there are lots of reasons that confirm that a professional must carry his or her business cards.

5 reasons why Business card still carry importance and effectiveness for a professional.

  1. Increases trustworthiness of your company

Business card is first formal introduction to your prospects or clients about you and your organizations. Any offline print material increases the trust about your organization. Imagine, a sale person pitches you about his products or services but does not provide you his business cards. It will give you impression that he is not prepared for business meeting.

  1. Digital ways are not professional

We may use digital mediums to get or provide contact information but networking sites or apps are not considered to be professional. Exchanging information digitally is also impersonal. If you are unlucky enough, your crucial client might not be using smart phone or not on any popular networking sites.

  1. Low cost direct marketing

Designing and printing business cards are cost effective marketing tools. You do not need to invest your much efforts or money in getting you business card print. Though direct marketing is time consuming but it is more effective than any email marketing or media advertising.

  1. Create a solid impression

A premium quality business card not only provides your contact information to your prospect but also grabs client’s attention that helps you in creating positive first impression about you and your company. Beautifully designed business card also creates impressive visual effect that increases brand awareness and brand recognition.

  1. Helpful in big networking events

You can find your potential client anywhere; trade shows, business conferences or dinner parties. Business card fits in your pocket or wallet easily and you are always ready to share it. Opportunity to have a crucial client will not be missed and sharing your business card ensures that you have grabbed the opportunity to communicate for next round.