5 tips for creating effective bumper sticker

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Bumper sticker gets plenty of attentions and can spread your brand or message to lots of people. Who so ever driving behind your car or park his or her car behind your car, will eventually read your message. While printing bumper stickers, we should check some of these common points to make our bumper sticker readable, attractive and eye-catching.

1: Use creative and concise promotional message

You should make your promotional message concise and interesting. Don’t overload sticker with lots of words. Make creative Key line so that viewers cannot resist themselves and read your complete message.

2. Use bright colors & readable fonts

Bright colors not only make your bumper stickers attractive but also enhance readability of messages. Don’t make your stickers jazzy by using too many colors. Font size & font color should also be according to your sticker color and size. Prime purpose of bumper stickers is to spread your brand or messages and hence make it readable.

3. Always print with protective coatings

To make your bumper sticker weather and tear proof, you should print your bumper stickers with protective coatings. Temperature variation may hamper your sticker and can fad the colors.

4. Die-cut options

Though, regular shape of bumper stickers is rectangular, you may opt for any die cut shapes to make your bumper sticker more attractive. Peoples often use die-cut shapes of their targeted products for bumper stickers.

5. Always have a test drive prior to final production

We should always print a sample, place it on a car and drive behind that car. See if you can read if from a distance or your logo and fonts are too small to read. Though, if you are using standard fonts or size recommended by your sticker printing provider, you may skip this.