8 Easy Yet Effective Ways to Improve Holiday Sales with Catalog Printing

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A catalog can be defined as a list of goods or services on sale included with their description and prices. The information is published as a printed document. In some cases, it might be an electronic document (e-catalog) uploaded on the internet or even a CD.

If you are all set to print catalogs for the festive season like Diwali, Christmas; you must also know the ways to convince customers to buy from you. Here are some easy ways to improve your holiday catalog profits this year:

1. Focus on Targeted Audience
You must target people who are most likely to buy your products. It is easier to convince potential clients to buy from catalogs they receive.

2. Give Offers
Deals are loved by all! So come up with special holiday sale and deals. You can offer these through the holiday season. Larger images and bold, memorable fonts will etch your products into memories of recipients.

3.Cross Sells and Upsells
Comparison charts will push customers gently into buying. They might even buy the most expensive products. So, lay features strategically in a table or chart. The strategy will create desire for products. Product feature pages will sell the main product. You can list accessories and other items frequently bought together. Try to inform customers about the benefits of add-on products. This will help you gain profit from cross-sells.

4. Integrate Valuable Content
Look for valuable additions to your catalog. For instance, guides on product purchasing, case studies, informative articles, etc. These are the best options to help customers visualize themselves using your products. This ultimately have an impact on purchase decisions.

For instance, a business specializes in home decor solutions. It may publish an expert content offering a deep insight about the role of lighting in different rooms of a house. It may include latest trends in light effects and options as well as best products that bring the desired results. In addition, a parallel section can depict client testimonial, which will enhance the trustworthiness of the business and the products such as led lights used by the client. Therefore, the business can, not only offer home décor consultation but also sell related products to the customers.

5. Attractive Cover Design
Make sure the direct-mail catalog features attention grabbing cover design. Allow it to flaunt special features/benefits of your most popular products. The USP (unique selling propositions) should also be mentioned. Since recipients will be motivated to see the contents of catalog (interiors), it helps businesses to get the most out of your return on investment. Your catalog profits will increase if you convince them to take catalog with cover.

6. Pay Attention to Action Images
Larger, full-color images are capable of making your products appear more desirable. Many businesses show their products in use. This catalog printing strategy of including “Action” shots will help potential customers visualize themselves enjoying the paybacks of your products. Most fashion catalogs practice this. They show models adorning their clothing. This gives a satisfying self-image. Real images of home products will also help. These boost holiday sales if customers find the pictures appealing and convincing.

7. Freebies will Attract Sales
Who doesn’t love free stuff? So try offering freebies to customer this holiday season. These can be anything from free shipping to free packaging, extra gift-wrapping, card with personalized message, or a mini candle/tea light. You may also make a convincing case to motivate customers for ordering from your catalog.

Most businesses consider freebies as unnecessary expense. However, the freebie delivery cost need not be incorporated into your product estimate. Although the customer might end up paying for the same, the psychological effect of receiving something free on special days like Diwali or Christmas will have a positive impact on sales.

8. Emphasize on Premium Quality Catalogues
The quality of catalog print is an important. It tells about an organization’s reputation. To ensure a powerful positive image of your brand, your catalog must look and feel attractive. Since high-quality catalog printing ensures crispier, brighter, images, the holiday sales will skyrocket. Customers get a luxury feel with premium paper stocks. You can go for velvet covers with golden or glossier text on the interiors. These are attractive and ensure longevity of catalogs.