Boost Your Startup With These 7 Print Marketing Tools

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Are you planning to a new business? If yes, then you need to focus on effective marketing. This is crucial for your startup to survive. As per a study, it was revealed that over 540,000 new businesses are launched each month. Unfortunately, about 90% of these fail. In most cases, the problem lies in poor planning and marketing strategy. Experts believe that a business cannot survive (initial stages) and thrive (in the long run). A well-researched, dynamic marketing strategy will ensure business success. Print marketing is one of the most crucial aspect in this regard.

The Importance of Print Marketing for Startups

Startups can find number of reasons to invest in print marketing. Although this is the age of digitalization, the importance of print marketing has not diminished. It can outperform all kinds of digital marketing efforts. In addition, it is known for its capacity to yield a lower cost-per-lead. This is not all. Efficient and strategic implementation of print marketing will increase overall effectiveness of digital marketing. When used as a pair, your startup will earn more sales.

Unfortunately, many startups have ignored the significance of print marketing. Digital marketing is a huge hit among budget-minded business owners. However, the truth is that you can earn greater ROI with print marketing. Therefore, if your competitor is ignoring the print marketing strategy, you can employ it and take advantage.

Marketing your startup with print doesn’t need to be expensive; in fact, you can strategically select affordable startup print marketing tools that give you a distinct advantage over competitors and yield a strong return on investment. Get started with the following must-have 7 print marketing tools for startups.

The 7 Print Marketing Tools for Startups

Business Cards

Business Cards for Print MarketingThese are affordable and versatile marketing tools to be used to promote your start up. You can use these to hand out to potential customers clients at various networking events. Another way to distribute these marketing tools is to attach it to corporate gifts, mailers, and other materials. Make your business stand out by reaching out to business card printing services. You may choose from a variety of options available these days.


FlyersIf you want to promote your startup without spending a lot of money, choose flyer printing as one of the marketing strategies. This is one of the cheapest strategies presently available for startups. The best part is that it is also one of the most effective of all. You can place them anywhere you wish. Some of the best places include retail counter space and community bulletin boards. Flyers can be sent through direct mail, or given directly to passersby.


BrochuresThese have been always the go-to marketing tools. Brochure printing is affordable and can easily accommodate large images. You can send these through mail; keep at card racks, leave-behinds, on etc.


BannersIf you are looking for something big for small investment, choose banner printing. This will help you reach out to a large number of potential clients for nominal investment. You can also go for roll-up banners and roll up standee. Get some vinyl banners printed and place them strategically at various locations. The best options are high-traffic locations. Also, focus on targeted areas where your audience can see them. Sidewalks and roadways are good choices. Do not ignore storefronts, walls near busy intersections, trade shows, banner marketing etc.


Post CardsTrust direct-mail postcards for marketing a startup. Many business owners have used it and achieved success. It targets your audience by demographic data, which means you are sending cards to those who are most likely to buy. Such strategies yield the best ROI despite the fact that you need to pay extra for postage apart from what is spent initially during the postcard printing stage. For local business with mass appeal, EDDM printing (Every Door Direct Mail) is the best option. It ensures minimal postage rates to help you connect to more people for less.

Stickers and Labels

Stickers & LabelsAre you into retail business? If yes, you can print labels to highlight your branded products. Startup businesses can gain a lot through sticker and labels for marketing its business. Place bumper stickers on vehicles, in public locations, and die-cut stickers on products that match your customers’ passions. Sticker printing is the idea for motivating customers to associate your brand with their passions through sticker labels, or stickers online.
There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket. Maximize your ROI with low cost printing services today!