How To Create Better Vinyl Stickers?

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Vinyl stickers are a popular piece of stationary that can impressively spread your business message. They are easy to design and create. They can be created in any shape or size using vivid colors and impressive die cuts. You can further customize them for an even better finish. Here are some design factors to consider for creating better vinyl stickers:

  1. Cut-to-Size Stickers or Roll Stickers
    Labels and cut-to-size stickers are economical for various applications when you either require a large print or fewer prints. However, they are harder to remove and apply. A more convenient option is to use roll stickers instead. You can easily peel them off from their backing using your hand. This makes more appropriate for many applications. You can create a roll or sheet sticker depending on the location where you are going to apply them. For example, vivid labels in matching colors look best on beer bottles, which come in green, brown, or clear varieties.
  2. Materials and Finishes
    Different materials work best for certain specific applications. For example, you can create your promotional stickers on white Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film but you should prefer traditional textured paper to create labels for wine bottles for a more classic look. Similarly, use BOPP stock or water-resistant vinyl to create labels for outdoor applications so that they could withstand constant exposure to water. You can also use clear BOPP to keep some part of your sticker design transparent. It is an appropriate material for showing the contents of transparent containers like beverage bottles.
  3. Custom Labels
    Standard stickers are printed on a 70 lb. label stock. You can get them printed in any finish of your choice be it gloss, matte, or UV. Most customers prefer a matte finish for a classy look. Others prefer a glossy finish to make text and images appear brighter and sharper. Glossy finish creates more eye-catching vinyl stickers.
  4. Resolution
    Your stickers and labels should be easily readable from a relatively close distance. For better resolution, the recommend DPI value is 300 or more. It keeps the images and text on your final printed stickers and labels clear and legible.
  5. Shape
    You can select any shape from square and rectangle to oval and circle. The choice of shape solely depends on specific business requirements. However, a majority of businesses prefer square and rectangle to a circle and oval shapes. You can select any of these shapes to create memorable stickers and labels.
  6. Colors
    Pick assorted colors that perfectly match your branding. Do not forget to consider the appropriate type of material for your stickers. Colors in print are handled differently depending on the type of material. For example, to print colors on clear BOPP will require another layer of color to be added for making specific areas opaque. Properly calibrate the printing settings to ensure improved color fidelity. You can use the CMYK process to create specific shades from primary colors. Furthermore, you can prefer custom Pantone or PMS run for an exact reproduction of a solid color on a larger area for a large-size sticker.
  7. Proofing
    No matter which design you create or the printing requirements you specify, it is always advisable to proofread your design to manually before printing. It has been observed that automated proofing may, sometimes, lead to undesirable consequences. It may cut off important sections of the images, or trim off critical text during the cutting process. On the contrary, manual proofing ensures fewer errors in the final products.

Labels and vinyl stickers are extremely versatile marketing tools for effective branding and promotion. You can use vinyl stickers for so many more applications. Put them on your stationery, vehicle, windows, or literally anywhere you want.

With appropriate designing, intelligent customization, and suitable printing, they can effectively contribute to establishing a more effective and coherent brand. You can get your custom vinyl stickers ready in no time for an upcoming promotional event or for labeling your products. For that, rely only on the reputed printing services provider who will provide customized sticker printing as per your needs.