Design The Best Stickers Online For Your Business

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Stickers can serve as a brilliant marketing medium for any business. However, designing great stickers is a more detailed and intriguing process than what first meets the eye. It should be well designed to communicate your business message loud and clear. You must consider certain factors such as shape, size, typography, and the printing process before you plan to use your pretty stickers for marketing or promotional purpose. Here are some tips to guide you through the process of drafting, designing and printing the best stickers online:

  1. Select Your Shape and Size
    Decide upon a shape and size for your stickers before considering any other design aspects. Select an appropriate size according to the intended use of your stickers. Most commonly used shapes for the stickers are either a square or a rectangle. For these basic shapes, you do not require any custom shaping or specific die-cuts. With a little creativity, you can design beautiful stickers even with a simple shape. Print the design of your stockers in reverse on clear vinyl to stick them on a transparent surface like a window. You can get your stickers printed in different sizes.
  2. Use Bright and Elegant Colors
    The ultimate aim of your stickers is to grab customers’ attention, no matter where you put them on a laptop cover, a lamppost, a car bumper, or any other place. Make your stickers lively, bright and colorful to grab immediate attention of your target audience. You do not require using too many colors to make it appear attractive. Just a couple of main colors used cleverly can create a beautiful design ready to make the right impact.
  3. Use Bold Typography
    Typography is equally important when it comes to designing best stickers. If you expect your stickers to communicate a message, it should be clearly readable. You can include paragraphs written in small typeface in your leaflets and flyers but not in your stickers. The aim of your stickers is to spread your business message, create brand visibility and grab customer attention. Select a clear and bold typeface that is easily readable even from a distance. You can further increase the readability and boldness of the sticker text by using contrasting colors. Another important thing to consider is to use text sparingly. Your sticker can do equally well with a simple icon and no text. Such stickers are easily recognizable and create a deeper impact. Although you can use text to invoke a sense of curiosity in as fewer words as you can.
  4. Incorporate Your Branding Elements
    Remember to incorporate your branding elements at the core of your design. Never include typography or colors that do not reflect your brand. Your stickers aim to increase your brand awareness therefore, they must represent your brand to create the desired impact and ensure expected return on investment. It is always wise to include your logo in your sticker design to make it most distinguishable.
  5. Include a Call-to-Action
    You can always find a call-to-action on the banners, leaflets, websites and brochures. A simple call-to-action can essentially be an image or a line of text to prompt the viewer to take a particular course of action. You can ask your customers to call you up for any query, visit your website or follow you on a social media profile. It is always wise to use subtle, non-obtrusive call-to-action quotes in your sticker design such as a phone number, an address, a Twitter handle, or a QR code.

More tips:

  • Another surefire tactic that quickly grabs the viewer’s attention is a humorous text or image. You can use the same in your sticker design.
  • As for printing, you can select from a few sticker materials such as PVC/vinyl in a glossy or matte finish.
  • Alternatively, you can get your stickers printed on a clear vinyl sheet. Ensure to select the appropriate resolutions, correct file size, and correct bleed/trim.

Get your stickers printed from a reputable company. You can also get your stickers online from some reliable service providers in the desired quality at affordable prices. For further details on the best sticker printing, call our team today!