How Do You Design A Good Banner?

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Are you hoping to boost your online traffic? Banner designs come handy when talking about boosting online traffic online. But the main question is how to create a banner design online that people will want to click on. Web banner design focuses more on the creation of effective banner design ads by using basic design guidelines. In this article, you will read all about how to design a good banner that effectively pulls in attention from people and improves your click through rate.

But first, let’s see what’s a banner design?
Web banner designs come in all shapes and sizes and are among the most pivotal parts of marketing and advertising in today’s world. Web banner design is all about creating banners that are clickable as online bloggers and companies want to increase their click through rate. Banner ads are advertisement images that are embedded on web pages showing a product or a brand with a link to the advertiser’s website. A growing number of companies use them because they are affordable, measurable and effective when talking about increasing brand awareness.

Designing a great banner
So, what’s the recipe for designing great banners? Let’s discuss the simple strategy for designing great banners.

1- The right size
Use the most efficient, standard banner sizes instead of customizing the size. Banner design online makers have sizes pre-available in them so you can choose from the already available ones. You can choose from leaderboard, half page or medium rectangle and large rectangle.

2. Choose the right placement
When purchasing space for exhibiting your banner design online, make sure that you buy above the fold content space so your banner is shown to the customers who visit the page. Make sure that it shows close to the main content.

3. Maintain hierarchy
Banner design online facility will give you an option to customize your banner design so the whole design content is in your hands. When designing your banner design, make sure that you maintain hierarchy and follow balance within the ad. Effective banner ads are made to improve brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website and they have three major elements:

A- Company Logo
You must include your company logo to improve your brand awareness. Make sure that it’s visually appealing and dominant but little bit less dominant compared to the value proposition and call to action.

B- Value Proposition
The value proposition shows the offer and drives attention to the service/product that you provide. Don’t be shy in giving the value proposition the most space on the banner as this should be the first thing that your viewers and potential customers see.

C- Call to Action
The call to action should be a button or text that invites viewers to click on the ad and reach the website. Some Phrases like Learn more or Get started work great as CTAs so use them carefully and make sure that this is the clear focal point in the ad so more viewers feel compelled to click on the ad.

4. Simple wins the race
Keep your content and visuals aligned, not too loud and simple. Viewers are only going to look at your banner for a second so the attention will be fleeting. Make sure that you make it worthwhile with simple and aligned design and content.

5. Use buttons right
The banner design online facility will let you put buttons but use buttons appropriately and carefully. Make sure that you use buttons to improve the click through rate of your advertisement and place the button on the lower side with contrasting colors. If you are running a set of ads, keep your buttons consistent so it’s easy for viewers to spot them.
Making your own banner design online isn’t a tough task but if you mess up the principles of making a design then it might become tough for you. Remember the basic simple rules of making the design and you will be able to make the design.