Do your business cards grab the right attention?

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Printing business card is not enough. Your business card must draw the right attention and evoke response from prospective clients as well. If it is not happening then you need to check out the factors causing loss of potential customers.

Here are certain factors to implement before you print business cards for yourself:


Select the right business card templates

Choose your template for business card from hundreds of free templates available. Whether you are in the business of food, books, travel, repair services, finance or construction business, you can now find the right template that suits your business best and give a cutting edge over business cards of your competitors. It pays to invest your time in selecting the right template.

Invest in superior paper quality

Remember, your card should grab the attention of the recipients. Low quality of paper though economical, leaves poor impression on prospective customers. Therefore, use good quality of paper for your business card to give a more professional feel.

Incorporate all important information

Print ample of contact information related to yourself on your card. The information includes your name, mobile number, phone number, office address, email address and website. If you have social media profiles such as on Twitter then incorporate that too. Besides making yourself easily accessible, this contact information also provides added credibility to your business.

Text size matters

Be careful about the text size you use to print your business card. Avoid using assorted text sizes as it depreciates the readability quotient. Try to maintain consistent typographic design.

Your name should be a point bigger than your address information. In case you have a tagline beneath the company logo then use the same text size as that of contact details. Also you can experiment in various kinds of weights (from bold to light) and styles such as italics to make the business card eye-catching.

Be creative

Think hard in the ways you can add creative dimensions to your business card. Visually attractive business cards leave a stronger impression on the memory of the people. You may use cards with round corners, white text on black/ bright colour, include a funky design or present your card vertically in place of horizontal look. However, avoid excess use of images and colours as it will drag away the focus from crucial information.

Make the most out of back side

Utilize the back side of business card to the fullest. You may add a special offer on the back side or additional business information such as profile links of LinkedIn and Pinterest. To live longer in the minds of the people, you can also leave a social message or slogan.

Check the sample before the final print

Wait before you finally print business card in bulk. Proofread all the content on the card and print some samples. Check whether the font size and colours chosen look impressive or not. In case, the output does not give a professional feel then modify accordingly to achieve awesome business cards printed.

With these tips for business card printing, no wonder your card is going to stand out among others with remarkable response.

– Abhishek Gupta