Five mind twisting facts about laser printers

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The truth is that laser printers have become an everyday part of our lives. Whether you are in your office, at home, at school, at conference or at anywhere, you would have used a laser printer at some point or the other.

We come in contact of these marvelous machines often, and yet we do not know much about them!

Here are five interesting facts about laser printers that would boggle your mind.

  1. The number of cartridges that are discarded from these printers around the world are enough to circle the Earth 3 times! Even though, a number of people are committed to sustainable recycling, the truth is many of them end up in landfills. So, please think and act green before you replace your cartridge next time.
  2. Laser printer fusers heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The paper has to move so quickly so that it doesn’t burn!
  3. Laser printing is the best when it is done in black and white.
  4. IBM manufactured the first laser printer in 1976. It costed $ 20,000 and printed just under 200 pages per minute.
  5. The toners made for laser printers are made of microscopic plastic spheres which are specifically tuned to the electromagnetic charges of the laser printer.

Now that you know all these twisted facts about laser printers and have increased your knowledge about these slick machines, try us today for an awesome printing experience.