What Is Flex Banner Printing?

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Flex Banners are effective for promoting your products, organization, and events. The use of flex banners and signage display has become significant in face of growing competition and need for genuine presentation of your business. Do you want to have flex banner printed for your brand? If you plan to do it, get to know all about Flex Banner Printing.

Flex Banner Printing is all about printing your display material on a soft Flex material, which is softer and more flexible than vinyl. Flex printing is done through advanced industrial printing machines that deliver precise colors and undistorted pictures on the flex material. The flex printers are material-specific and can only print on flex material.

A competitive Flex printing is more durable, highly resistant to outdoor environment, and doesn’t fade colors easily. Moreover, flex is a tear resistant & tough material that is used in outdoor displays as well as indoor signage. Today, most of the printing is done through digital process with the use of eco solvent high-resolution printing for the vivid and sharp results.

Usage of Flex Banners
Flex Banners Printing today is an exceedingly accepted form of advertising. There all sizes banners and display hoardings are displayed on roadsides at key locations. Also, its usage in events, small & big exhibitions, trade fairs, and conventions is predominant everywhere. Flex banners are useful for the commercial setups like public offices, super markets, business houses, pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

How Flex Banner Printing is done?
Flex Banner Printing, as per general practice is done by using two different printers, Solvent and Eco-Solvent. Eco-solvent is more advanced version that most leading printing companies use for all flex printing jobs. Solvent technology is primitive in comparison, as Eco-solvent printing technology has all the advanced features. This type of flex printing never fades and stands against all odds and lasts longer. The highlight of this type of printing is its precise and sharp outputs.

FLEX: When going for Flex Banner Printing, look for the better flex quality. The variants in flex materials are also available. Two types of flex are more in use Regular Flex and Star Flex. It depends on the budget of the consumers also. However, one should not compromise on quality and choose a better option. Star Flex is a sturdier, thicker, heavier, and glossier option with a better surface finish.

Flex Banner Displayed Forms and Types
Banners: There are different types of banners displayed horizontally or vertically. These banners could be of sizes starting from 2 meters or more. Either these have eyelets to hang them or need pasting to stick them to a surface like a wall or a board. More popular way is the standee, a vertical stand where flex banner is put up for display. Other popular options for flex banner fixing are when banners are put on a frame. For displays during evenings or nights, the light is thrown from the front or it’s backlit to offer a bright display. Flex Banner Printing is also done for the hoardings, which are normally 10 feet in height and 20 plus feet wide.

How to find a good Flex Printing Company
There are hordes of companies who are doing printing for Flex Banner works. You must look for a competitive Online Printing company for the Flex Banners which fulfill the criteria

  1. Quality work for other clients
  2. Positive testimonials
  3. Advanced features and facility
  4. Quick TAT with affordable pricing

This would not only save your valuable time; you will have better service too.

While ordering online for the Flex Banner Printing jobs, you must have the designs ready and handy with you. If you don’t have the ready design, you can ask for the designing from the printing company. For that you need to give them your company logo, and texts & pictures you want for display on the flex banners. Focus on style, colors, and comprehensive designing, while going for Flex Banner Printing.