Fonts: How do they affect the reader?

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In one of our previous articles, we mentioned about how colours affect the psychology of a reader. Today, we bring to your how choosing the right font for your work can affect the reader.

Similar to colours, every font can trigger a different response in the reader’s mind. Hence, it becomes crucial to choose a particular typeface to get the desired results.

Types of fonts and what do they convey:

  • Serif font

This typeface can arouse the sense of reliability by using Bakersville and Times New Roman, impression by using Bodoni and respect by using Georgia and Trajan.

  • Sans serif font

Helvetica Bold and Calibri bring out emotions of stability and Arial and Myriad Italic bring out modernism.

  • Slab serif font

This typeface represents being bold with Rockwell and courageous with Courier.

  • Script font

Edwardian Script represents romance and affection while Bickham Script and Zaphino shine elegance. Lavanderia and Brush Script portray creativity Pacifico stands for friendliness.

  • Display font

This typeface displays the emotions of being expressive with Valencia and friendly with Cooper.  It also represents uniqueness with the use of Spaceage Round, as well as the feelings of amusement (Giddyup).

  • Modern Font

ITC Avant Garde Extra Light excludes being progressive and Century Gothic displays being chic. Futura brings out being bold and Didot Italic and Majoram means style. It also has associations with intelligence by using Politica, exclusivity by using Infinity, being fashionable by Eurostyle and sharpness by Matchbook.

Knowing the psychology behind fonts is the easiest way to capture and connect the audience. If you want a successful design, use these guidelines to help ensure that your project is effective before you broadcast or print your work.


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