How to Make Your Brochure Stand Out?

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Brochure design has evolved with time and has become much more creative nowadays. Designers and brochure printers come up with unique and unusual designs that are certain to grab people’s attention. These brochures need special skills and expertise while printing them as well. There are premium brochure printing services that offer to print these unique types of brochures with matching creativity and precision. Not only does this approach makes your brochures stand out in the crowd but also creates a perception of your business as a creative enterprise.

Making your brochure unique

The physical appearance of a brochure is mainly dictated by its unique design. The design of a brochure includes many factors such as its shape, size, orientation, folds, colors, typography, graphics, etc. These elements if used with a pinch of creativity can turn an otherwise ordinary looking piece of paper into an eye-catching work of art. There are many ways you can make your brochures look different and pull people’s attention. However, care should be taken to also maintain the user-friendly aspect of the design otherwise this approach can easily backfire.

Employ different folding styles

There is no need to have a book-like brochure. Using different types of folds is a great way to make it attractive as well as pack a lot of information in a small space. However, you can also be creative with these folds as well by using different styles of folding to make your brochure into an interesting piece of origami. The only thing you should be careful about while using this approach is that your folded brochures should be convenient for the readers to hold and store, otherwise they will lose points on that front.

Use unique and unusual shapes

Using the traditional square and rectangular shapes has its own advantages in layout designing as well as printing techniques to use. However, using unusual shapes once in a while is a sure-fire way to make people notice your brochure instantly in a crowd of other marketing material. Besides they look extremely attractive and fun to read. Any shapes including circular, triangular, hexagonal or any other asymmetrical shape can be used to make your brochure stand out. Don’t worry about the printing part as expert brochure printers only love the challenge of such exceptional and unusual designs.

Customize the design

Brochures are used for different purposes and to achieve different goals. They are meant for different kinds of audiences and should be customized according to it. A brochure used for a medicinal firm or a corporate company will have to look different than the one used for a school or travel agency or a restaurant. Customizing the brochure according to the uniqueness of the audience and their special needs is a great way to make them more identifiable and attractive. Unique colors and typography can play a major role in this. More formal fonts and light shades of colors are better for formal brochures while more funky styles of lettering and color combinations suit better for informal brochures. Using a premium brochure printing service for these unique ideas will ensure that they are implemented perfectly in the final printed output.

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