How to make your own business card design?

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Creating your own business card design is not an easy job for a busy start up entrepreneur. Either we have to hire professional designer which increases cost or we compromise with design concept. We all know design matters a lot in any marketing material and business card is one of the basic but important marketing material for any business. Fortunately, you can now design your business card yourself that too without hassle.  Here are simple three simple steps.

  1. Select a professional business card template or design a new with designing tool:

We understand designing may take lot of your effort and time and hence we get templates of business card design developed by professional graphic designers. Visit Inkprint business card templates and browse through pre-designed templates and select a template of your choice. We have developed wide range of business card templates suitable for different industry. Read: Why to use business card template for designing business card?

Even if you need something different form our templates or you have a design concept in your mind, you can use our designing tool which is user friendly and easy to operate. You can upload images and use text font or color of your choice to achieve your desired design.

  1. Include your information and logo:

You are almost done with designing part. Now you just need to add your personal information and upload your logo and see how your logo color or design looks on any particular business card template. You can try other templates as well which may suit your logo color.

  1. Order your business card for printing:

You have finished designing part, now you just need to order your business card for printing. During ordering you can find estimated prices that vary with your selected paper and number of business cards. It helps you to optimize your pricing and quality of business card.

You have designed business card yourself and ordered for printing in these simple three steps.