How to Save Money on Your Next Brochure Design Project?

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Creating a brochure that is highly impressive as well as cost-effective is what every business dreams about. You don’t need fashion look books printing companies to print your regular company brochure. A reputable and affordable online printing company will just be fine. It is not hard to achieve the quality-cost balance. An attractive and successful brochure doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. An attention-grabbing design, excellent copy and good use of typography are essential ingredients for a creating great looking copies perfectly in your budget. Following are a few tips to save money on your project.

Size of your brochure

When you have a lot of information to provide in a small space, many companies try to cram all that up in the pages of the brochure. This may seem to achieve the objective; it will hardly be liked by the readers. The cluttered, unprofessional look will turn most people off. On the other hand some companies create excessively large brochures. This too is not the best idea. Keeping the standard size is the best way. You can either increase a few pages here and there to fit the information well or cut down the information itself to the most important ones. A crisp copy works well than long and boring pages full of data. This will also save you money while printing the brochure.

Using the right paper

There are many factors that decide which type of paper you will use for the brochure. What type of brochure you are making, who will be your target readers, how will the brochure be handled, etc. are some important factors to consider. Besides, you can also save a lot of money by choosing the right paper. You don’t need a glossy magazine style brochure that fashion look books printing companies make for your small-town beauty salon. There is no need to go for expensive paper stock and very high-end printing for your limited needs. You can choose the best paper that will enhance the look and feel of the copy without borrowing a large hole in your wallet.

Economic use of color

Although color is an essential part of the aesthetic appeal of a artwork, it can be used smartly and economically. A full-color brochure is great for certain types of presentations or companies. However, in most cases, where you want to economize the printing of your copy, monochrome or two color printing can work just as good. In fact, there are occasions when less color, if used creatively, actually enhances the message and makes the copy more impressive. Using color appropriately can help you cut down the cost considerably.

Designing for print

It is also important to create your artwork with printing parameters in the back of your mind. It is best to discuss about the essential points about designing a printing-friendly artwork with your offline or online brochure printing company to avoid unnecessary wastage of paper, ink, color, etc. later on for making corrections and revisions.

~ Abhishek