Increase Your Business Prospects With Standees

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You must have seen standees serving as a large self-standing display highlighting a promotional message in a business event or outside a store. You can use standees to communicate a marketing idea along with other modes of print media like advertisements through pamphlets and billboards. The ultimate goal of a standee is to drive more customers for your business. Therefore, you should intelligently consider certain design elements to create innovative standee banners. Good standee banner designs can effectively increase your business prospects.

Here are some tips for creating attention-grabbing standee banners:

Consider The Size
Select an appropriate standee size to ensure effective promotion of your business message. The average size of a roll-up standee is about 3×6 ft. Employ appropriate designing using innovative graphics, impressive typography, and elegant printing to create an impressive advertisement for your roll-up standee.

Invest Optimal Amount on Graphics Output
You can reduce some cost on online banner printing by using graphics output. By getting your graphic panels printed photographically, you can eliminate the cost of tonal ranges and banding involved with inkjet printers. The resulting banners have high-quality images and sharper text.

Consider Durability
Standee banners can be covered with scratch resistant laminate that provides UV protection for long-term durability and re-usability. This will also help to keep your standees in good condition when not in use. Opt for sturdy, portable, flexible, and retractable standees for enhanced durability and long-term use.

Intelligently Consider the Design Elements
You can enhance the aesthetic value of your standees by smartly adding your design elements. Decide your design elements carefully as they will create the first impression of your brand and business in front of your customers. Follow these tips for impressive designs:

  1. Add A Hook – Include the most important content towards the top of your banner. You can add your company logo or a catchphrase for instantly grabbing the viewer’s attention. Your customers will notice this as the first thing in your banner.
  2. Include The Reel – Include the information about your products and services in the middle of the banner. Talk about your business in this section. You can also add an image for emphasis.
  3. Do Not Forget The Bait – Use contemporary colors in your banner for impressive visual presentation. Do not use too many colors. Instead, use high-quality graphics visuals that look pleasing to your customers.
  4. Include The Pull – Remember to include your contact information at the bottom of the banner. You can include your business card for your contact details.

Opt for a timeless message while designing your banner. Design a reusable standee that can be used for various occasions. Do not flood your banner with excess information. Include the details in brief. Considering the attention span of your viewers, less will be more for your standee banners.