Is Your Business Card Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Even the marketers at the top of your game will tell you to get your business card printing first and start using it for personal networking. However, have you ever wondered that getting just about any business card may not be that effective? To be able to squeeze the most out of your business card, you need to make sure that it looks good enough.

Standard business card templates have been overused and bring no element of imagination or design innovation to the cards. Therefore, you cannot rely on the available templates to support your self-promotion drive.

A designer who understands the mental journey of a buyer or a prospect would understand how a business could best reflect you as a professional. This is why, it is best to contemplate the type of card of you really want. A lot of planning based on the design theory and public sentiment goes into making the perfect business card.

Play up the unique factor
The biggest favor you can do to your image as a businessperson as is play up the unique factor. Make sure that the card has a unique and sophisticated design reflecting your core values. It should reflect who you are as a person and what you offer to people. Use your own original images (high quality only) and ensure that your design reflect your business ideals and vision. Most of all do not mimic someone else’s design. Just because a font or trend worked for someone else, it is no guarantee that it will not work for you.

The aesthetics are everything
You definitely cannot afford to compromise with the visual aspect of your business card. The visuals are what define your identity so keep the style loyal to your personality as a businessperson.

Get your business card maker to make ultra-thick business cards or high-texture business cards for you. It is not just the design that you see on the surface but also the kind of surface you use to enhance the beauty of your card. So, focus on every aspect that influences the aesthetics and strengthen the presentation. Your business card should be less congested and more impactful. People don’t like paying for plain white space so make sure that you don’t give them an empty looking, regular business card. Offer something of value using which they can remember you and you can make your mark. By using the aesthetically unique and pleasing card, you will leave a big impression on the people you connect.

Spot on information
If you are a blogger, it is best to mention your audience online and if you are available for collaborations or not. You can also pick an interesting tagline that informs people and regarding what you really do. It would help you bridge the gap through creativity and deliver the message while making a strong impact. If you happen to be an influencer, just having a signature style image of your in vector graphics will give your network an image of you. Therefore, sometimes, you can even just use spot-on graphics to convey the message.

The simple purpose of the business card is to inform your network of who you are and what you can do. As long as you prioritize this information and design, it based on who these people are and how you can help them fulfil their goals through your professional role, your business card will do just fine.

Avoid overpopulating the design
The biggest mistake you could make with business card printing is use too much design and too much content. Both ways, you will not leave enough space for the viewer to process the information. Make sure that both, the design and content, complement and strengthen each other and convey your message.

Unless, you offer something unique, your business card will get lost among the several. You need to think from your viewer’s perspective and grab their attention with tailored design that best reflects you as the businessperson you are.

Pick a unique and sophisticated design that centers on the main business ideal you follow. If you have a tagline, you can use it on your card and even promote your business on your card using sophisticated high-texture or embossed prints.