PANTONE Studio: What’s new with this app?

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Pantone last featured in news about seven years ago, when it came out with its myPANTONE app. Since, then there had been no sensational news about the company- until now.

PANTONE Studio, which was launched couple of days ago, has taken the market by a storm. Created in collaboration with Rokkan Los Angeles, the app aims to serve the young, digital savvy creatives.

The idea for this new app came when the makers realized that their Colour Guide was expensive for the new and fresh out of the college designers. In an effort to make creativity available to all, PANTONE Studio was born.

Mark Freeman, associate creative director at Rokkan at an interview said,

Designers don’t just sit at their desks; they don’t really find inspiration there. It’s in the world around them. The challenge is to help them use color on a daily basis and capture it in their daily lives and bring it into their workflow

The new app which is currently available for iOS has the following features-

  1. Access to all PANTONE colours
  2. Special features designed for creators from various fields
  3. Ability to dissect images to determine their exact colour composition
  4. Provision to upload the custom colour palettes into Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop
  5. Colour moves and fabric switches in view
  6. Provides suggestion on how to build a good colour palette
  7. An entire section dedicated to giving designers inspirations through research, reports trends etc.


The app is currently available for a monthly subscription of $7.99 or for an annual subscription of $59.99.

The prices make it cheaper than any other available physical colour palette.