How Do You Personalize A Coffee Mug?

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Coffee mugs are the best gift items you can consider for any occasion. However, most of you may prefer to get it customized for your loved ones. Customised mugs are really attractive gifts, and they can mark an occasion beautifully.

A Chalkboard Mug
It is a very innovative way of gifting your loved ones. You can use porcelain chalkboard paint for creating a surface on which you can write messages. Use chalk for writing any messages on this mug, and it can be completely fun.

Doodle the Coffee Mug
If you are good at doodling, you can buy a plain mug and decorate it with the doodle that you create from your imagination. You should try the design on paper before you confirm one for your mug. You can make use of a permanent marker for creating a doodle on the mug. Else, glass colors can make the doodle look more attractive by using them as fill colors inside the doodle outline. For the doodle to stay in the mug, you should bake the mug inside a preheated oven for 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 300 degrees.

Nail Polish
You will agree that nail polish is indeed a fascinating discovery, but to décor, your mug with nail polish is something way beyond ordinary imagination. You can choose a marble mug, and you can decorate it with the most beautiful nail colors in the designs that you would love to have.

A Glitter Magic
Glitter is always the best way to add charm and looks to anything, and it even implies to coffee mugs. You can decorate coffee mugs, using glitter so that you can have the charm of the festivity in your gift as well. There are glitter paints or ways to décor the mugs with glitter that is dishwasher proof. Moreover, double-sided tape can also be the base for the glitter magic on your coffee mug.

A Crochet Décor on Your Mug
If you are learning crochet or an expert in it, you can then try these skills on the coffee mug and make it look gorgeous. The coffee mugs with crochet on it is indeed an innovative way of decorating the coffee mug. Moreover, you can choose the color of the thread and the design based on your choice.

Vinyl Decor
The vinyl decoration is another way of making customised mugs. You have to decide the design, cut it from vinyl, and then stick it to the mug that you are planning to gift to your loved one, or you want to personalize. However, for a very professional looking mug, you should follow each step of vinyl design.

Personalizing the mug can be very easy by fingerprinting. Dip your hands in the waterproof paint and can then dab the impression on your mug. Despite being an easier task, it is a very stylish way to make customised mugs. You can coat the fingerprints with the gloss finish so that it lasts for a longer time frame.

Hand Paint The Mugs
If you are good with painting, porcelain paints can be handy to bring the best looks to the coffee mugs. Moreover, it gives a lot of space for personalizing your mug. If you are planning to design a lot of mugs with textures, you can get the help of a professional printing service to print the design on the mugs you need.

Printing Photograph
Customised mugs with photographs of them are a great choice as gifts. You can rely on a professional service for printing photographs you like on the mugs. No need to visit anywhere, just upload your pics online, make settings and you will receive your mug on your address.

However, using your own colors and paints may not be safe or healthy or long lasting either. You can hire reputed print service provider who would use food grade colors to create professional designs for your customized mugs instantly.