Print advertisements: How does it affect one’s memory?

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For any company, the best marketing strategy must include various sources of media: magazines, newspapers, social media etc. In this digital era, no other media can defeat the digital media, but that’s not it.

US department of post collaborated with a neuroscience institute to reveal a shocking fact, a fact that will restore the faith in an old school technique- direct mail marketing. The researched revealed that people tend to spend more time with physical advertisements and that such ads affect that psyche to buy.

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is an upcoming field of science which involves several fields like neuroscience and psychology. It seeks out to answer the consumer behaviour, patterns and buying tactics. The above mentioned study used neuroscience to detect how consumers behaved with physical and print advertisements, consciously and subconsciously.

By looking at the test results, researchers were able to identify three stages of buying process: exposure to information, retrieval of information and ¬†action. By understanding the consumer’s buying process, companies can target the soft spots to maximize their revenue.


Survey questionnaires, eye tracking, core biometrics and neuroimaging were used to study effectiveness of both types of advertising. The postcards with ads and the email with ads were given to research group and the eye tracker was used to identify as how long did they read each of them.

A week later, researchers asked the group about the products they saw a week before (testing the memory) and questioned them about the willingness to pay.


Physical ads emerged as the winner. The tests revealed that the participants spend more time reading the physical ads, they remembered those products longer and were willing to buy those products. Not only that, physical ads generated a stronger emotional response compared to digital ads.

While physical ads won in two stages: exposure to information and retrieval of information, digital ads won only at the focused attention race.

While digital media is cost effective and quick, print advertisements which includes flyers, brochures, newspaper ads etc. are the invincible kings of the advertising world.

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