How do printers maintain colours across all mediums?

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Imagine a world in black and white? Well, you can’t because colours matter. Similarly in the world of business, logo colours matter.

Why are colours important for logos?

Logos bring instant recognition to the brand. Not only logos, but the brand colours which are incorporated in the logo grab the attention of the masses. They are the brand’s identity so much so that if they go wrong, the business suffers.

Problems in keeping the colours

One of the challenging thing the printer has to face is keeping the same shade and tone of the colour throughout several mediums. These days, business is not only restricted to paper but digital media is become an inseparable part of brand building as well.

No two TV screens are alike, no two monitors are alike and similarly no two paper are like. For a printer, it becomes a gigantic challenge to maintain the shades of the colours across all mediums.

Problems specific to printers

As a printer, the toughest of the task is to maintain the colour in digital and offset printing. Let’s have a look at some of the problems that may occur:

  1. Two types of mediums are present: the ones that emit colour like TV and monitors and the ones that reflect colour like paper.
  2. When mediums emit colour, printer has to add more colour and when they reflect colour, they have to subtract the colour.

How do they solve it?

In print

For print, they rely on a colour- matching system. It breaks down yellow, cyan and magenta. Since not all colour pigments are absorbed evenly by paper or fabrics, black is added to the process to maintain consistency. Mixing blacks implies colour subtraction to meet the choice.

In digital

In digital world, there are Hex colours. Hex refers to a six digit code and hashtag  used to reproduce the exact hues. However, by using Hex, one comes close to the exact colour as the mediums emit colour, but it may or may not be identical for all the mediums.

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