Promote Your Café Business Through Print Products

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You need to look for the unique print marketing tools to promote your café business through print products. Those tools include aesthetically designed and printed café menus, flyers, and beverage coasters. These tools need to be impressive to draw the attention of the customers. For instance, excellent design flyers need in-depth planning and an exceptional online flyer maker. Select a design and printing company with care, as these print products could bring in huge profits into your café business.

Café menu is one of the most effective tools that brings in a positive perspective to your cafe. The menu is the first impression of your café that influences a customer’s mind completely. In other words, customers begin to assume the quality of beverages or eatables as per the print quality of the menu.

Normally, menu-printing services offer standard & premium types of menus, based on the paper quality and design efficiency. Cafes and restaurants normally order menu printing as per the standing of their cafes, budget, and range of offered items. A good custom Menu Printing Service can handle your needs of cafe menu well. They create your menu online through templates or custom design to create a unique menu for your cafe.

Its role in your café
The usage of flyers carries multiple purposes. Think about for what purpose you need the flyers. It could be for either café’s grand opening, promotions, or some additions in cafe or change of address of the café. In either case, you want the audience to know about the activities going on in your café. Flyers are just perfect for these purposes.

Different Sizes of Flyers
The flyers are available in different sizes such as the popular 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″, which are great to promote sales. The 4.25″ x 5.5″ flyer, 5.5″ x 8.5″ flyer and 6″ x 11″ flyer sizes also stand out and catch attention. Bigger 8.5″ x 11″ is perfect for easy distribution.

Flyer Circulation
It is important to know, how you will circulate the flyers, so it could reach into the hands of maximum people. The size of the flyer will depend on its design and more importantly on ease of its distribution. The flyers can reach into the hands of the prospective café visitors by following methods:

  • As inserts in the newspapers
  • Employing someone to hand out flyers in busy market areas
  • By direct mails to the customers’ list from demographic search or any other database.
  • By using a canopy table in any suitable busy place or exhibition to distribute them

Creating Flyers
Everything counts whether it is the theme, colors, fonts, font size, and text. Its core focus should be on its purpose, supported by its overall design. An online flyer maker can create excellent flyer design, which could attract the immediate attention of the readers. It should highlight your café name and phone numbers in bold, in case of any event’s date or any promotional offer.

The custom-printed circular or square coasters are the perfect tools for your café promotions that would save your table from coffee cup’s circular marks. Personalize the coasters with photos or illustrations and make it one of the most effective way of promotion. These are good as promotional gifts, as the coasters will keep the name of your café alive anywhere.

Made of Kraft brown or white thick paper or its combination of inside and outside papers, the coasters when joined together, offer a suitable required thickness. The printing applies on various surfaces such as plastic, 3mm thick hardboard, and other synthetic materials.

Coaster Options

  • The coasters are available in 3.5” round or 3.5” x 3.5” square.
  • Options in white and thick Kraft paper with exclusive inside colored core papers.
  • Circular or round corner or square shapes
  • Thick and sturdy three-layered coasters

When you look out to make more profits, beverage coasters are certainly the way to go. Focus on its design, as people observe design and printing on coasters closely. Personalized coasters may look small but these are big promotional tools. You can order online by uploading your design and stating required thickness and get delivered at your doorstep.