Quick tips for a great sticker designing

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Stickers are extremely useful for personal and professional purposes. Stickers are simple and affordable tools to promote your brand and company. You can use eye-catching and full color flashing labels for your new packaged products. Custom sized and gloss sticker paper can be used for your marketing campaign of any event or launch. We understand the importance of stickers and hence we provide professional services and best quality to our clients.

Gloss sticker appears fancier and lucrative attracting more people to your brand.

Sometimes, you may require a large sticker to be stuck on your company cars, doors etc. or smaller ones which can be stuck in offices, envelopes etc. Our option of custom size printing ensures that whatever is your need, it is met with.


Tips to sticker designing

  • Design

Designing the sticker is a tricky part. You do not want to make it appear too flashy, while at the same time you want the sticker to be attractive. The answer is in the simplicity of the design. Design one keeping in mind the end purpose and the audience.

If you are looking for a personal use, you may want to design a complex smaller one with a number of colours. If the target is the public, simple designs with attractive fonts and colours work the best.

  • Shape

Rectangle is the most preferred shape of the stickers. However, round, triangular and other shapes also work well depending on the usage of the stickers.

  • Colour

As it goes with everything else, use colours sparingly. Do not overdo the colours. Also, gray and plain stickers are unattractive. Keep a balance of the colours keeping in mind the usage of the stickers. Bright colours are the best option when it comes to bigger stickers.

  • Special effects

What’s a sticker without special effects? A monotonous single coloured sticker is as boring as a plain white visiting card. The monotony defeats the very purpose of stickers. Hence, add shades of colours and special effects to make stickers more attractive.

  • Adhesives

Using good quality adhesive is pivotal. You do not want the sticker to be falling out and losing its charm. Simultaneously, keep in mind that you do not use a very strong glue that people get irritated with.

  • Information

If the stickers are for commercial use, make sure it has all the relevant information about the company/ product.

Glossy and matt stickers, both, can add magic to your company. However, it is of utmost importance that the stickers project your business’ cultural values, logo, spirit and objective.

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