Quick yet effective tips to standee designing

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Banner standees are easy to carry and install marketing tools are best suited for events, exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other promotional events. An unique feature is the ease with which you can change the printed banner and cater to your changing needs and demands.

These light in weight, easy to fold and transport and hassle free to install are good for regular use. Since these standees are slim and more attracting, one can use them for a variety of reasons. The matt finish ensures that the sunlight glares are reduced and the banner retains the original colours.

The retractable standees have become famous in recent years owing to their ability to be sturdy, flexible, portable and aesthetically appealing.

The pull out banners are great for conferences and other indoor events.

The slim design gives the added advantage of designing and creating attractive art and tag lines for your business.

Read further to know the quick yet effective tips to an attractive standee printing.

Things to pay attention to:-

  • Logo

The company logo MUST always be on top. It is the face of the company, and as we know it face is what we recognize.

  • Catch phrase

If your company has a catch phrase, use it under the logo. If not, make one and put it under the logo. An attractive short yet informative catch phrase will entice the people to ask about your product/ company.

  • Relevant information

Do not put the relevant and important information at the end. Make sure that the reader immediately gets what the product is all about and knows how to reach out to you.

  • Think top to bottom and left to right

People always read from top to bottom and from left to right. Hence, write the texts on the standees accordingly.

  • Do not flood all the information

While it is essential to include the relevant information, it is also important to remember to not clutter in the words and information. Write whatever is crucial and the rest of the information can be added to the flyers, brochures, pamphlets etc.

  • Use high quality printing

These banners and standees will be your face to the world. Who would want to put up a cheap show? And that’s the reason why you must invest in high quality professional printing, graphics and images.

  • Use colours wisely

The world is always better in colour- and so is your banner. But, be cautious it shouldn’t be tacky and awful. Wise use of colours and company colours, if any, is the make or break point of any banner.


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