Visiting card printing and colours: Choose the right colour to impress more!

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Visiting card printing can be crucial to your marketing war with competition.

The cards are the first impression of your business and you and thus, it is absolutely essential to choose the right colour. These are not only paper of introduction, but are effective enough to increase your customer base. The right colour choice for your visiting card printing will send subliminal messages to woo more people to you business.

Often, people choose their favourite colour or a “lucky” colour for their cards. As interesting those choices are, but they could soon turn detrimental to  your business. Every colour  sends out strong subconscious messages and hence, it becomes a necessity to choose the colors purposefully.

Some of the most preferred colours for visiting card printing are white base with blue, green or purple colouring. Let’s take a deeper look into the band of colours and the emotions associated with them.


These are the safest and most conservative cards. Since the canvas is blank, one can choose to play around with the colours. Majority of the cards are printed in white and hence, if you wish to stand out, this may not be your best choice.


Just like the colour, these cards can echo sophistication and taste on one hand and mystery and intimidation on the other. These cards stand out the strongest among all. Choosing gold, silver, pink, yellow or other bright colours on them will surely make it outshine the others.

Adding more colour to this card will only weaken your brand, so it becomes pivotal to choose carefully.

  • BLUE

Blue reflects honesty, reliability, responsibility and trustworthiness.

It highlights one-to-one communication and ushers in a feeling of relaxation.

If the blue is darker, the more professional, serious, authoritative and conservative it is.If the blue is lighter, the less authoritative and conservative it is .
Pale blue emits more creativity and freedom.

  • RED

Any action/ activity oriented business should op for this colour. Red is aggressive, attention garnering and physically stimulating. Food businesses, speed businesses and outdoor businesses must opt for this colour.

However, bright red can be aggressive and forceful and must be used with care. It can be used in lesser amount on your logo, implying passion and confidence in business. Darker shades of red like urgundy and marron are strong colours which speak of sophistication and elegance.


Green symbolizes prosperity, wealth and growth. The darkest of greens signal professionalism and wealth creation.
Milder shades of  green conveys emotional balance and harmony, and are nurturing and relaxing, an apt choice for a visiting cards printing for environmental type businesses, gardening and golfing businesses, social workers, charity workers and counselors.
Even though, it is found in abundance in nature, one must keep in mind that this colour receives the most negative of responses some times.


It is the colour of cheerfulness, upliftment and stimulation. It tingles with your mind and can boost communication. Hence, this can increase the decision making abilities and can help one connect better. This is best suited for journalists, teacher, entertainers, clowns and networkers.

On the other hand, this colour can be wrongly taken to provoke anxiety and criticism. Hence, it is strongly advised to gel this colour with other colours to maintain a balance.

Choosing the right colour will not only increase your chances of business, but will leave a lasting impact of your brand.