Six Tips To A Great Invitation Card

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The perfect invitation cards are very difficult to find in the market. Whatever little is available, it may or may not match up to your standards of finesse and quality. In such a situation, the best way is to design your very own.

The following are the tips to design an eye catching invitation card:-

  1. Include the information- The best invitation cards include the announcement of the event, the date of the event, time, venue and other contact information.
  2. Add a map- It must never be taken for granted that the guests will know the way. An invitation card must have a direction map included on the other side of it. Well, because you really need your guests to arrive on time.
  3. Setting the mood- The invitation cards must be creative and preppy enough to immediately set the mood for the party. Put your design skills to the test and use photos, symbols, icons, colors and white space to create the perfect layout for your perfect party invitations.
  4. Try the postcard style- Instead of sending traditional greeting card-style party invitations in envelopes, opt for single-panel invitations that you can send out like postcards. This will save you money on buying or printing envelopes, and will save the time it takes to stuff and address envelopes. However, certain events should not skip the envelopes: anniversaries, weddings and baptisms are examples of events that could be too formal for postcard party invitations.
  5. Print for perfection- Proof read and correct the errors before printing. You do not want your guests to reach the dead end of a road on a wrong date!
  6. Go Green- Choose eco friendly paper and print out the exact number of copies that you wish to send. Going easy has never been easier and you can proud yourself with doing your bit for the environment. Try our eco friendly and recycled paper stocks today!

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