How Spot UV Coating Can Crack More Sales Through Print Marketing Strategy?

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Spot-UV coating is technically not a printing process but a coating process that follows printing. Application of UV coating on postcards for achieving a contrast between a matte, gloss, or uncoated surface is typically UV coating. The high impact of this process combined by the much desired versatility and affordability has made it one of the most popular options for pepping up any printing piece. Spot-UV coating promises some amazing designs. It is very similar to adding a third dimension to boring flat printed surface.

Using Spot-UV Coating
This modern technique can be easily applied to a wide range of printed pieces including the following and much more:
– Postcard printing
– Bottle nickers
– Business cards
– Shelf talkers
– Brochures
– Shelf wobblers
– Booklet Covers
– Door Hangers
– Presentation folders
– Bookmarks
– Greeting Cards

Why Spot UV Coating?
Companies are always looking for some unique, more attractive, and novel ways to make displays and packages stand out. It is no secret that visually captivating packages can crack more sales. Hence, including spot UV coating into print marketing strategy of a company makes sense.

UV (ultraviolet) coating on postcards is usually applied after accomplishing printing process. This is cured by exposure to UV light. This coating is widely renowned for its exclusive capability to make packages and more attractive. No wonder it has emerged as a very popular finishing option for several packaging applications including postcard printing and print stickers online.

However, aesthetic appeal is not the only benefit of UV coating. These days, a variety of applications such as “overall” and “spot” are available. Therefore, UV’s are more versatile than ever. It ensures flawless application for a wide variety of packaging designs.

The best of UV surface finishes are available in different options. It ranges from very shiny gloss to minimalist matte or satin. These are enough to enhance overall look of any brand identity. The best part about UV coating is that it is budget-friendly. Overall application process on business cards is efficient and devoid of any involvement of arduous material expenses.

Employing the power of UV coating will help customers create a package that reaches their brand identity goals without any difficulty. It will also work towards generating more business.

Types and Applications of UV Coating
Gloss and satin are the two most popular types of UV coating. As the name suggests, gloss UV features the highest gloss level of coating. It promises premium grade rub-resistance and surface protection. This keep packages in excellent condition and generates a texture that will amaze consumers.

The low light reflectance of Satin UV imparts a “flat” appearance to packages. Satin is regularly used in combination with gloss UV to create a striking contrast. Satin also offers the first-rate scuff- and rub-protection.

Most packages these days are UV-coated by using a flood or spot application. Spot coating is smeared to one specific area of the package. On the other hand, flood (or overall) indicates that a coating is applied to the entire package.

Usually, spot UV is screen coated in very thick amounts. This ensures supreme visual “pop” and rub-resistance. On the contrary, flood is typically roller coated in comparatively smaller amounts.

Even when you utilize business card maker facility for unique business card design, you can opt for UV coating to add more value to it.

Combination Spot UV or Embossing
Whether it is embossing or spot UV coating, both procedures add amazing texture and visual distinctness to any product on which they’re applied. A combination of the two will create an enthralling package. It will create a superbly attractive and hard to miss look to stickers, postcards, business cards and other products.

Satin and Gloss
For contrast effect, application of satin and gloss will ensure desired results. Visual contrast will work towards drawing client’s attention towards your package. You can apply satin and high-gloss UV coating to nearby areas of package.

Consult the trusted print service provider regarding UV coating facility for your business cards, postcards and print stickers today!