Ten Best Rakhi Greeting Cards

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Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is a sweet festival of bonding, love and eternal support between a sister and a brother. There can be no other person who can replace a brother and a sister in anyone’s life. Like the two sides of a coin, they fight with each other, fight for each other and stand by each other.

With Rakshabandhan only 2 days away, we bring you ten of the best printed cards to tell your brother that he means the world.

For the busy brother and sister; who still love each other.

Reminiscing the old days.

A printed cushion with a rakhi to let your brother know that he is being loved.

A trendy card for thanking the big guy.

Just like Bart and Lisa, the love between a brother and a sister is endless.

A modern twist to an age old tradition.

Remember the swing in the backyard? Who knew your sister and you were making memories of a lifetime!

An emotional confession on this auspicious day is what you need!

The traditional greeting!

This one simply made us cry!

Wish you all the best wishes of Rakhi. May your bond grows with each passing day and may you live healthy enough to celebrate many more of these days.

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