Tips for Attractive Standee Design

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You would have generally seen standees in the market area near a multiplex, in a shopping mall or outside a store. The standees are generally invitations to people to visit the place and explore more about it. These small banner stands display banner images attractively and efficiently.

Standees are generally placed in lobbies of malls or theaters to attract the attention of the passersby. Generally creative, these standees make passersby stop and take notice of the creative with their vibrant colors and catchy content. Great for attracting more visibility, standees even influence making sales.

Standee Design is integral for making a standee successful and if you wondering how to design one, here are some pointers to help you out:

1- Start with A Logo or Your Core Message
People begin reading top to bottom so if your core message or the logo is at the top, you will make most impact on them. Standee stands upright which means the first thing that people see on a standee is what’s written on the top so it’s pays to have the logo or your core message there. Eye level is perfect where most people can see everything so place your message at the top to reach passersby eye level and begin your standee with a message that makes them curious like 50% off.

2- Use High-Quality Pictures
To make your standee attractive, you must use spectacular images. Use vibrant and vivid colors that bring images to life and use resolution at least 300 dpi with images being in CMYK format as it is ideal for printing. People pay more attention to images than the text so your image is going to be the deal breaker. Make sure that you use sharp images and services of a superior printing specialist to get the right prints.

3- Perfect Your Color Combination
Your standees should stand out and that’s the whole reason why they exist. They should be in bright colors so they are easily noticeable. Here are some pointers that will help you understand how to use colors for standees:

  1. Fluorescent colors look great on standees.
  2. Bright hues like red and orange look particularly well.
  3. Yellow and white don’t blend in as the colors make information hard to read.
  4. The tone of the color should go with the lighting used.
  5. Use a brilliant tagline

Often people see bright flashy standees and pass them by. But sometimes, the tagline catches their attention and they take a double look back at the standee. This is why, the tagline should be catchy and worth clinching the deal with. Taglines are highly important to push promotional and seasonal offers and discounts. So, the tagline should be effective and quick to make an impression.

5- Experiment with Typography and Design Aesthetic
Experiment with typography to see how design aesthetic and spacing and text works for you. Typography makes arrangement of letters and type not only readable but also artistically appealing. Consider the kind of typography you are going to use on your standee along with the design aesthetic. Be consistent in your design and make sure that you get the visual and graphic in tune before you send it out for print.

6- Contact Information
Don’t forget to mention your full contact details like address, telephone and mobile number, links to your website, etc., on your standee design. You can mention your Facebook page or twitter page as well if your company has social media pages. Ensure that the contact details are at the bottom of the page but highlighted so they are easy to read.

Your standee design must grab attention and retain it of as many onlookers as possible in the crowd. To make sure that maximum people look at your design, get your standee designed by a professional who understands the nuances of standee design well and can implement the tips practically.