Understanding the Influence of Colors Before Opting for Stickers Online

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Colors can have a powerful influence on human emotions. This phenomenon of color psychology has been recognized as an important aspect of consumer purchasing behavior. Many businesses, small or large, are incorporating the understanding of the influence of colors into their product design options as well as marketing and packaging materials. Here are some of the aspects to consider when choosing a color palette when creating your brand stickers online.

How Do Colors Work?
Different colors can trigger or promote specific emotions. Do you remember how it feels when you watch a cloudy blue sky or colorful play of lights? According to color psychology, different colors relate to certain impassioned expressions. For example, the color blue initiates a sense of safety, creativity, relaxation, and happiness. Similarly, colors like white, pink, and green are considered peaceful, relaxing, and soothing. The human eye can perceive many different colors on a day to day basis. However, contrasting colors are considered the most legible combination. Contrasting hues put minimal strain on the eye and account for most of the aesthetically pleasing designs.

How Can Colors Influence Branding?
Distinct colors can have different connotations in divergent societies. Due to this cultural inclination towards specific colors, some people may gravitate towards certain hues as they grow up. Research in color psychology further reveals the gender norms and practices associated with the influence of colors on culture.

A study conducted by Joe Hallock in 2003 on 232 men and women reveals that the majority of participants cited blue as their favorite color. While green was the second most popular color in the list for men, most women favored purple. The survey considered the color orange as least favored by both men and women, although the participants described their chosen least favorite color with various emotions like fun, warmth, or exuberance.

The study proved that the color choices were more in line with the stylistic preferences of the society or cultural relevance rather than any inherent characteristics of the color itself. In other words, a cultural trend may influence the color choices for your branding. Ideally, your branding and marketing products must reflect the philosophy and personality of your brand. Rather than following a color-stereotype, you must identify the context in which your brand or branding products will be interpreted. Being a little mindful of the context, you can learn using colors to your advantage, as a reflection of your brand identity.

Compatible Color Palette for Your Brand
The best bet for your brand is to pick a compatible color palette with a set of contrasting colors. According to color psychology, contrasting colors tend to stay longer in the mind of the observer. Further studies indicate that many people appreciate the analogous color palettes. However, analogous color palettes combined with an accent or triadic colors, leave the maximum impact. You can use a color palette for your branding material accordingly, to reinforce your brand and establish brand ethos.

You can also get some assistance from online color blending tools to create your preferable color palette. Thoroughly study currently influencing trends, view popular color schemes, and identify most featuring palettes to come up with a set of analogous, complementary, or triadic colors that resonate with your brand. Once you have picked up a set of colors, you can focus on organizing them well to design your sticker or other branding material.

Get Your Stickers Online
Once you have chosen a color palette, it is time to work out the design and get it to a printer. You can print your branding material and stickers online through various professional printing service providers. Remember to submit your artwork files in CMYK color format to the digital label printer. You can also request a press proof to check how your finished stickers online will appear in print before you finally submit your order for bulk printing.

Just in case, you are not sure about colors, then get in touch with the Inkprint team and get your stickers online fast!