What does your visiting card design say about you?

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Do you think designing visiting cards is as easy as 1,2,3? Visiting card design is not as easy as it is considered. Have you designed one without putting much thought into it?

Well, the chances are that you have already shoo-ed away potential clients. Visiting card is the piece of remembrance that you present to a person. And if your memento is a sloppy one, people will remember you like that.

In our previous article, we explained how colours can play a behemothic role in creating your image. (Here is the link to the article.). In this article, let’s learn how business cards shape up your image.

Every visiting card design has few elements that make it unique. And if your card is not unique, you will be forgotten.

  • Fonts

Fonts have a voice. Curved, rounded edges of alphabets suggest that you are flexible and creative. Straight letters hint that your are honest and determined. Flowery and fancy fonts point to the fact that your business and you are extremely innovative, creative and easy flowing. Keep in mind that which ever font you choose, it should be easy to read. Too much of Gothic or Comic fonts will make you appear childish and immature. Choosing right typography is as essential as the business itself.

  • Paper

The mother of cards- papers, make or break your image. Texture of paper reveals a lot about the man. Soft textured, hard paper suggests that the person is sorted, intellectually oriented with a caring attitude. Hard textured hard paper hints at the person being little aggressive and go getter. You surely don’t want to use cheap quality paper or materials like metals which doesn’t allow a person to write on your card and negates your image.

  • Colour

Colours affect the subconscious mind. Choosing bright colours may reflect that you are creative, easy going and innovative self while darker colours portray sophistication, elegance and maturity. It is paramount that you choose the right colour to send the appropriate emotional message.

  • Spacing

Donotclutterwords. Hard to read, wasn’t it? Give correct spacing so that one doesn’t get frustrated reading your card. Also, you do not want to bring out several colours on your card. Analysis and choose wisely how many colours you need on the card and how will they be ‘placed’ on it.

  • Uniqueness

You are unique. Your business is unique. And so should be your card. Ensure that your visiting card design stands out in a pile of cards and instantly makes the person remember the good person that you are.

Make certain that your card has all the information you wish to convey. This way, it is easier for a person to contact you and provide you with an opportunity to climb up the success ladder.

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