What Makes Rack Cards Perfect Marketing Tools?

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Are you among those businessmen who are constantly on a look-out for newer and better marketing strategies to find customers? Advertising and marketing if done smartly, meticulously and persuasively can have a strong impact on your business growth by attracting more people to it. There are so many ways to achieve this. Distributing flyers, brochures, placing newspaper or magazine advertisements, etc. are some of the more common ones. However, placing print rack cards in key locations is one of the effective marketing tools that can greatly boost your sales. There are several benefits of printed cards that make them more effective in some situations.

They can be placed in multiple locations

Rack cards are quite a versatile marketing tool. You can put them in many different places where other marketing material may not be appropriate. The smaller size of these cards makes it easy to insert them even in small areas like racks, shelves, etc. The high-impact graphic design on the card can attract the attention of people instantly even in a crowded place. Moreover, you can put them in places of relevance instead of just about anywhere in a random way. This way they help you target your marketing efforts. For instance, a tourist company can put their cards in restaurants and hotels at different travel destinations.

Convenient to carry around

Rack cards are smaller in size. This not only makes them easy to place in smaller areas but also quite convenient to pick them up off the shelves and carry around by people. This is not the case with larger and more elaborate marketing pieces like brochures, flyers or banners. In fact, rack cards are designed to be picked up and taken away by people so that they can use the information on them anytime they want without having to memorize it.

Rack cards can contain enough information

Although rack cards are smaller in size than many other marketing pieces, they are still quite big enough to carry all the important information that you want to convey to your potential customers. Unlike business cards which are also very small in size, they can carry a lot more information than mere contact details. This makes them a very ‘handy’ tool to give information such as the kind of products or services you offer and their benefits along with your contact details like website URL, email address or phone number.

A unique and cost-effective way

Rack cards offer a comparatively less used way to advertise your products and services. This sets your marketing apart from your competition. Moreover, these cards, being quite small in size, are economical to print and distribute. The low cost of rack card printing does not diminish their quality and they look great in full-color printing as well.

So if you are looking for an effective yet economical way to market your business, rack cards are a great option. However, before you hand over your design for the cards to print, you should make sure that the printing company is good and experienced in the field. You also have the choice to get your cards printed online at economical rates.