Why DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing Technique Is Best for T Shirt Printing Today?

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If you are looking for the T-shirt Printing in Delhi, select a printing company that has digital DTG facility. Direct to garment printing (DTG) is a popular process of printing on fabrics such as on shirt material, with the use of dedicated aqueous ink jet technology.

Typically, DTG printers have a platen, a device intended to hold the garment in a secure position, and therein printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the fabric by the print head. This method works by the computer commands to print pictorial designs created through templates or by customization.

Different Printing Methods
Two of the most prevalent printing methods for branding T-shirts are screen printing and DTG. Screen printing is a method being in usage for the last many decades, whereas DTG-direct on garment technology is relatively new and very precise. Although both have their distinct roles to play on account of costing, quantity, quality, colors, and design details.

Screen printing method is good if there are single or limited colors required for your project. DTG technology is best for printing any design and any number of colors. So, if you are looking for your T-shirt printing in Delhi, select printing house that has the latest DTG-direct on Garment printing technology.

Features of DTG Printing
Everyone loves quality outputs in T-shirts and nothing beats DTG technology for printing them. Look at its amazing features to understand why you need DTG for T-shirts printing in Delhi.

  • Cost Effective
    DTG printing is a cost-effective option, as you can get even a single piece of T-shirt printed. You don’t need to place an order in bulk because before printing it doesn’t require a stencil screen made exclusively for the design.
  • Design & Color Capabilities
    DTG printing has excellent capability to handle inks to highlight finer details in designs of pictures, logos or texts. Unlike screen printing, it can highlight innumerable numbers of colors in prints, as it replicates complete design on the fabric. DTG printer functions like a regular printer with all the inks applied at one time. It also can add white ink, if white hue is required in the colored background of fabric.

Advantages Over Screen Printing
In screen printing only one color can be printed at a time on one stencil and for more colors it needs more screens. This method is viable if one goes for one or two color printing with larger orders, but not when the colors are more and order less. It also requires more time and more money to make new stencils every time for each color & design you want. This also means more time and money spent on preparation at production time, besides it requires good weather for inks vibrancy. In DTG printing you can have immediate outputs.

Unique Printing Advantages of DTG-Direct to Garments

  • Costs Least Per Print: Cost cutting is one of the success mantras of any enterprise. DTG digital garment printers can decrease the printing cost substantially.
  • Efficiency: DTG can print from one to four shirts at a time to reduce your turnout time. It reduces production cost as well as being cost-efficient to the consumers.
  • Quality in Printing: People love excellence in quality which only DTG can offer.

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