Why Flyers Fail to Generate Response?

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Do you use print flyers to promote your business? If you do on a regular basis, you know it needs some serious work to make them work as part of your marketing strategy. Flyers can help you in ways that many other printed or online promotional pieces cannot. They are handy. They are direct. And they bring home the message without beating around the bush. However, many times flyers fail to generate the expected response. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons we must dig into before you can make your flyers come-up with ‘flying colors’ as a powerful marketing tool.

Not knowing your exact purpose

Many people make the mistake of ignoring this very crucial first step. It is important that you are very clear about what you are going to use the flyer for, how exactly you will use it and where? Flyers are a great tool to promote a business, an event or a product. Flyers meant for these different purposes need to have slightly different approaches to them. Flyers can sometimes even be educational in which case the design, colors, images and tone of the message will be different than say a flyer meant to promote a musical concert. You should think well about these things before designing and printing flyers.

Ignoring the KISS rule

KISS stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. Many people forget this proven formula for any successful marketing design. Never make the mistake of thinking that a more artistic and elaborate design will attract more people. Nope, it doesn’t really work that way. Complexity turns most people off. A simple yet well-presented message is all it takes to attract people and keep them interested in reading it through to the end. Great artworks are best kept for art galleries. A simple and clean design and crystal-clear flyer printing is important to make your flyer attractive and readable to most viewers.

Ambiguity in the message

People read your flyer to get information about your business, products, services, special events and offers, etc. Unless you offer this information in clearly written manner, it won’t make its desired effect on their mind. Stay away from highly decorative, bombastic language. Use simple and to-the-point copy with attractive headlines to make people want to read your message and more importantly understand it.

Overlooking the printing part

High-quality flyers printing also play a very important role in making your message more readable. If you let it go this aspect of the complete process of making your flyer successful, you will end up with a substandard average quality printout that will not only make your flyer look unattractive but also unprofessional. Printing is an art as well as science in itself. It involves selecting the right paper, color-tonalities and many other factors that produce professional quality output. Never resort to low-quality, cheap printing services just to save some bucks. It will turn out to be uneconomical in the long run if your flyer fails to attract enough response. Always choose the best flyer printing services you can find.