Why to use custom business cards?

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After spending plenty of money on branding and developing a creative and attractive logo, it will not be fare to get an ordinary business card. Though beautifully designed business card printed on premium paper can impress your prospects but to make it more attractive, you may upgrade it by using non-standard business card sizes.

Often times we represent our company in business fairs or conferences and share our business cards with lots of potential clients. By end of the event, our potential clients will have a stack of business cards. Do you think our business card can be identified from a pile of business cards? No, even if you have used premium paper and best quality printing services. Now Imagine, your card is not standard business card size but is a custom size or die cut. It will surly get noticed now.

Die-cut business cards

Using a non-standard business card size is worth the extra cost that you may have to spend to get it printed. Unusual shapes and sizes in business card grab the attention of your prospect. Your custom business card size shows how flashy your business is and also impresses your prospect with your creative size. Die cuts business cards are quite popular now. Some opt for traditional rounded corners while some opt for custom shapes such as their logo or mascot.

Folded business cards

Folded business cards also have its unique impact on your prospects. Folded business card can also be used as greeting card or mini brochure. You may provide additional information that any standard size business card can not contain. Sales person may create a small and creative sales pitch on their folded business card.

There are many options available such as square or round corners for custom business card sizes. Die-cut or Folded business cards can be expensive compared to standard business card size but it will surely get attention of your prospects.