How to Create an Attractive Cover for Your Folder?

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A symbolic yet meaningful pocket folder design can serve as a strong branding medium to convey your message to the right target audience. A well-designed cover for your folder not just looks professional but also adds a class to your printed brochures, flyers, sales sheets, and other inserts. Effective branding of your folder cover can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of your potential customers. An attractive cover visually expresses your brand ethics and shared values to excite potential customers.

So, how can you create an attractive cover for your folder? Here are some design tips that will help you add the right colors, images, and symbols to telltale your branding story:

Experiment with Your Logo Design
An impressive design does not require to be complicated. You can create an elegant cover by experimenting with your company logo. Get a bit creative with adding a logo to your folder cover. You can place a watermarked logo on the background. Alternatively, how about adding an oversized cross-section? A creative experimentation with your logo design can instantly engage your audience and get your message quickly across your customers.

Try an Unconventional Printing Method
Once you are settled on your design, you can experiment with different folder printing options and printed finishes to revive your design. Try some unconventional printing methods for your printed marketing collateral. Various cost-effective printing methods such as foil stamping can make your design look professional, luxurious and official. You can get foil stamping done in diverse hues. You can also choose between a metallic or non-metallic tone. Moreover, you can try embossed and debossed designs to add an instant visual appeal. You can add three-dimensional elements to your design by combining embossing and debossing with other elegant imprint methods like ink printing and foil stamping.

Add Unique Images and Illustrations
Unique images and appealing illustrations add an impressive visual element to your folder cover designs. Great photos help in creating a visually engaging presentation on your folder design. You can add images of your products, business premises, or any scenic view indicating your brand. You can also incorporate images of important people like your staff and clients. Folder designs bearing human faces tend to create a deep-seated personal connection with your target audience. Photos not only add a human element to your cover design but also provide a better picture of the services you offer.

Select Unique Die Cuts
Get your folder covers die-cut into some unique, attention-grabbing shapes. You can also pick a shape cut out design that reveals a partial intriguing component or branding element of the underlying interior materials. Selecting a die-cut must be the first step in designing your custom presentation folder. Think outside the box for some unique folder cover designs. You can add extra panels or try an unusual orientation for the pockets die-cut into eye-catching shapes. Try adding some dramatic folds to your inserts and experiment with different shapes like square, landscapes, and circular.

Consider Stocks and Coatings
A great design looks better on the right stock. Paper stocks come in a variety of textures and colors. You can choose from sturdy felt to eco-friendly kraft paper for your folders. Business folders must be durable enough to handle rush hour commutes through the postal services. Therefore, you should choose a heavier cardstock to add strength to your printed folders. You can consider adding dark colors and laminated finishes for extra durability against water and dust. You can select poly material instead of paper for higher durability and stain resistance.

You can further customize your stocks with coatings to add extra visual and tactile elements. Select an ultraviolet or a gloss coating for a glossy, reflective look. Add a more subtle look with a matte or satin coating. Try spot coating to draw attention onto specific areas of your folder. This also adds a subtle yet distinctive look to your folder design. You can experiment with innumerable folder printing options and designs for an elegant and impressive folder cover.