How To Secure Best Canvas Prints And Maintain For Long Time?

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Canvas prints are one of the hottest trends for home d├ęcor in recent times if we look on any Pinterest board. Well, the reason behind this is many. If you wish to add instant flair as well as a texture to any room, these Canvas Prints are the best to choose. Canvas prints have a clean and frameless look that adds beauty to your photos. Another advantage of these canvas prints is that you can use them as a traditional painting with an inkjet printer. You can do this with the same pigment that you see on a regular newspaper.

No doubt, these canvas prints are convenient to use, but at the same time, it can fade over time. The most common source of damage is Sunlight and UV rays. These rays are harmful and thus can damage your canvas prints. This is why, you should take basic precautions to shield your canvas artwork and preclude it from any damage. We will take you through effective tips to take care of your canvas prints but before that let us see a few more facts.

Let us first focus on how to secure best canvas print
Some basic pointers you need to consider before you finalize your canvas print, which are:

  • Go for best photo/ image with high resolution, no red-eyes or blurred images for canvas printing
    Search for the right printing service provider before you execute the work as it can make all the difference.
  • Check client feedback and previous works of the finalized company to ensure good quality output
  • Check options on final canvas finishes and different types of canvas wraps available. Your service provider will advise you on that if required.

Once you avail the final product that adorn your office or home, there may be after thoughts on ways to maintain it. Read further for more clarity.

Well, you must ask yourself few questions before you decide what to do with canvas prints:

  • Is it a sentimental value for you?
  • Will you enjoy this artwork in future also?
  • Do you have any plans to resell your canvas artwork?

Once you know answers to these doubts, you can step ahead.

Let us now see tips on how to maintain canvas prints for a long time

  • Ensure that your canvas artwork is not wet

    Yes, you have invested too much in your canvas print but, if not maintained properly, it can become dull in appearance. However, it is true that most of the canvas prints are water resistant but still, you need to take proper care of them. You must take care of your Canvas Print outside. Also, have a check that there are no dampen areas. You should not place your canvas artwork in a boathouse or other outdoor places.

  • Clean your canvas prints on a regular basis

    To clean your canvas prints, use a soft and dry cloth to clear-off dust particles of your painting regularly. However, if not on regular basis then, at least you can clean it on weekends to prevent a buildup of dust. You can use a glass cleaner to clean up the glass over the canvas print. Well, keep this in mind that you should not use any kind of furniture polish, or other household cleanser. This will help you avoid contact of chemicals.

  • Choose a canvas print that can last for long

    The durability of the end product depends on the integrity of the stretcher bars whether it is standard or gallery wrap. You can choose bars of stock sizes available in custom sizes and think of good savings. Take care of all factors that are important for canvas artwork with the help of this tip. Consider the width and thickness that you require for this, the possible tension of your canvas prints, the material and any other requirements.

  • Do not keep your canvas print under direct sunlight

    The continuous exposure to direct sunlight affects the best Canvas Print even if it has the best UV protection. Do not keep the canvas on direct sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight to ensure that your canvas artwork can go for a lifetime.

Therefore, these Canvas Prints can certainly withstand any test as per time is concerned if you can take proper care of it. You can keep these canvas prints look good for a considerable period as long as you follow all the above tips in mind. Well, if you have any kind of question regarding canvas prints then, you can put up here.